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    Even al-Qaeda Leaders Hated LeBron James When He Was in Miami

    The Washington Post reports that a translator for since-deceased al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden who is being held in the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba has demanded an apology from LeBron James, who famously “took his talents to South Beach” by leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat during the summer of 2010. Carlos […] More

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    5 Miami Fighters Who are 305 to the Core

    Miami has always been a place where a good scrap beats a shootout. One thing we are known for is hands. Miami guys(and gals) are always down for a good scrap. Thanks to Miami legend Kimbo Slice, Miami was put on the map as the scrappers capital of the USA. Starting out as a youtube […] More

  • Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr.

    We’ve mentioned carrying Kimbo’s legacy a few times in this post, but no one is doing it like Kimbo’s heir himself, Baby Slice. Kevin Ferguson Jr. is Kimbo’s son, which is why he goes by the name “Baby Slice.” He is doing his dad justice and keeping the family name proud. Kevin is currently competing […] More

  • Jorge “GameBred” Masdival

    Probably the most accomplished fighter on this list, Jorge came a long way. He is boasting a 32-13 MMA record and is currently a UFC fighter, having beat guys like Donald Cerrone in the cage(yes, that Cerrone). Jorge is a beast in the cage. He was once a member of Kimbo’s crew and would fight […] More

  • Dada 5000

    Love him or hate him, Dada picked up where Kimbo left off and help put Miami and its fighters on the map. He hosted bareknuckle events that birthed guys like Level. Dada himself made a run as a professional MMA fighter in Bellator, after a few streak of wins of bare knuckle fights. He ended […] More

  • Azea “Stanley” Augustama

    Once hailed as the “King of NMB “ on the streets of North Miami Beach, Azea Augustama is a professional boxer and 2008 Beijing Olympics qualifier. Azea was born in Haiti but made his way over to Miami when he was just 4 years of age. Like any tough kid in Miami, he got into […] More

  • Rene “Level” Martinez

    Level is a bare knuckle brawler turned professional MMA fighter. He can be seen in the Netflix documentary “Dawg Fight” participating in the events that were hosted by Dada 5000. He demolished the bareknuckle circuit and decided to try his hand at the pros. He was once a gang leader in the streets of Miami, […] More

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    The Future of the Miami Heat – Pat Riley

    On Monday, HEAT President Pat Riley spoke to the media about the 2017-18 season and his outlook moving forward. Check out the highlights from today’s press conference. “Right now we have a bunch of guys who can get better” -Riley “I’m not gonna break this team, we’re gonna make it better” “No one is untouchable” […] More

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    Dwyane Wade joins Elite Company Leading their Franchises

    Few people have done what Dwyane Wade has done during his time in Miami. He joins LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavalier, Gary Payton of the Seattle Supersonics, Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, Kevin Garnett out of Minnesota and Reggie Miller representing the Indiana Pacers to lead their team in points, assists, steals & wins. Will […] More

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    Dwyane Wade’s Last Game?

    Dwyane Wade couldn’t hide his disappointment as the final seconds ticked en route to a 4-1 “gentleman’s sweep” by the Philadelphia 76ers. Was this the last time we see Dwyane Wade on the court? More

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    Ranking the all time Marlins players


    The Marlins are somehow 25 years old. Let us reminisce of happier times by ranking the greatest Marlins players of all times. The only prerequisite is that they must have played for the team more than 2 years, so no Pudge or Aloui, etc..  More

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