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Charles Barkley – From Hater to Lover – "LeBron Can Be Better Than Jordan"

Charles Barkley, speaking on a new show on NBA TV, had some kind words to say about LeBron James….for maybe the first time in his life. He went on the say that he thought he would “never compare somebody to Michael Jordan” and “his best basketball is yet to come.”

The one thing I don’t get these days are the qualifiers about LeBron and his athleticism. Charles, when explaining his reasoning said “LeBron James is just bigger, stronger, faster. That’s the only difference.” Well… Isn’t athletic ability, and being bigger, stronger, and faster a pretty, pretty, pretty large component of being a better ATHLETE?

Come on Chuck, next time, leave it at LeBron is great and can possibly achieve Jordan status, you just sound stupid by qualifying it with “bigger, faster, stronger.”
What do you guys think??

What do you think?

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