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HEAT BEAT MAVS + REFS – 88 to 86 – In Wade We Trust

The Miami Heat fought back the Mavs AND the Refs last night, beating the Mavs in Game 3 of the NBA Finals 88 to 86, in a perfect example of 5 vs 8 Basketball where it’s ok to elbow (Marion) or hit the arms and legs of a player driving the basket without a call being made (entire Mavs team) without getting a call….


Dwyane Wade took over from the first tip and never gave up – nothing was stopping him or the Miami Heat last night – The Mission was to WIN AT ALL COSTS and it was a SUCCESS. The Mavs weren’t making the HEAT work enough so they called in the REF-Inforcements but EVEN THEY COULDN’T STOP THE HEAT!

Dwyane Wade is the Phantom Menace!!

Dwyane Wade Blocks Jason OLDD + MEGA DUNK!!!

Don’t want to forget to give Mario Chalmers a shout for a GREAT bench performance – I don’t care if the buzzer beater was illegal – It COUNTED – The same as Wade’s Foul on Kidd that should have been a walk.


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Glad to see the Mavs come, Even better watching them GO!

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