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HEAT WIN 102 to 88 – Beating The Knicks, What a Wonderful FeeLIN!

The Miami Heat SiLINce the NY Knicks 102 to 88 – Their 8th Win In and ROW and 8th Beating Opponents by 12 or MORE Points!
Wade, LeBron, Bosh all with 20 or more points – Norris Cole adding 10 – Great All Around Win – LIN IS FIN!
BoSH MONSTER Block on Carmelo, Wade grabs ball and LAUNCHES down court to LeBron for the FLYING DUNK!

Joel ANTHONY with a MONSTER BLOCK PARTY Tonight – Check out this BLOCK on LIN and then the Battier 3 off the Turnover!!

Wade STEALS the Ball and is left WIDE OPEN for the DUNK…Then JOEL BLOCKS the HELL Out OF Tyson Chandler, Wade CLEAN Jumper!

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The LINVISIBLE Man – 1 for 11 FGs, 8 Points, 8 Turnovers

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