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Durant Giving LeBron Keys to the Kingdom by Working Out Together?

Much has been made recently about LeBron and KD working out together, but seriously, who cares? These guys have been playing together since high school, did pre-training camp workouts last year, were in the finals and olympics together….So c’mon, let them work out and better themselves, there is just as much risk for LeBron as there is KD here, either one of them could give up weaknesses; why complain?
The number one complainer here is Skip Bayless, the guy that loves KD and hates LeBron, and absolutely hates the fact that his “favorite player” works out with LeBron. Sounds like Skip is just butthurt that LeBron owned KD in the Finals and shined the brightest in the Olympics this year.Listen to this guy…

Durant fired back at Skip…

What do you think about the debate?

What do you think?

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