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The First Annual Don't Hate Miami Player Hater's Ball!

Welcome to the First Annual Don’t Hate Miami Player Hater’s Ball..

This Years’ BIG winner is Skip Bayless


Broussard and Wilbon are right there behind him though at #2 and #3


Dan Gilbert #4, What happened to that Ring you promised before LeBron got his? Oh yea….Thought so…

Jon Barry at #5 – Which matches his average game in the NBA

Charles Barkley #6 – He might have lost a few pounds, but, his mouth is still going strong.

Stephen A Smith #8, Ric Bucher #9, and Bill Simmons in 10th to round off this year’s list!

In the comments below, Write in Your Candidate for Honorable Mentions and Potential Candidates for next year.

Throwback Vid to the First Ever Haters Ball!

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