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Wade says LeBron just getting started

Maybe winning 3 League MVPs, a NBA Title, a NBA Finals MVP and 2nd Gold Medal wouldn’t impress some, but his teammate and best friend Dwyane Wade was blown away by LeBron’s 2012 performance and by far is his biggest fan.
Miami Heat start training camp in 6 weeks and while Dwyane Wade recovers from a knee injury, he expects to be ready to resume basketball activities in 2 weeks and help his teammate LeBron James defend their NBA title. The incredible year LeBron James had can only be compared to the best to ever play, but Wade thinks he’s just getting started.
“That monkey is off his back and now he’s just playing basketball,” wade said while taking a break from his annual fantasy camp, where fans pay up to $12,500 to get a four-day luxury taste of NBA life. “I think we’ll see a better LeBron James… scary to say, three-time MVP… than we’ve seen. And it’s because all he has to do is play basketball now. He doesn’t have to worry about what he hasn’t done. It’ll always be something, but he’s got the biggest one off his back.”

This summer has shown the World that we are witnessing the greatest basketball player since Michael Jordan and with the 2012 Year that LeBron James had, who can really argue?
“He’s on an amazing run,” Wade said. “When you’re on these kind of runs, you enjoy it. You keep going because you don’t know when it’s going to stop. I think he’s just enjoying it right now. He’s doing all this stuff without thinking about it. He’s breaking records. He’s in the history books. He’s not thinking about it; he’s just doing it. He’s at a gear that I’ve seen myself at before when it just feels easy. He’s just a gear about everyone.”

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