NBA 2K13: Dream Team vs Team USA, The Showdown!

This might not settle the debate of the greatest Olympic Team in History, but NBA2K13 will give you a chance to figure it out.
NBA2K13 Released the this promotional picture of the Dream Team.

The debate was started by Kobe Bryant when he said that the current Team USA would beat the ’92 Dream Team and then everybody had something to say about it. From the Greatest Players in History to the lowest form of media, all had their input on the debate. NBA 2K13 tries to settle this argument.
The new game will feature TEAM USA of 2012 and the 1992 Dream Team including all of the original members except for Scottie Pippen who did not come to a deal with the game makers. Which will be kind of a bummer because Scottie Pippen was an integral part of their on-court success.

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