Team USA with a Record Breaking Day

Lebron James with a MONSTER JAM!

The USA Men’s Basketball Team put up RECORD Numbers today against Nigeria.
Records set Today:
*Carmelo Anthony for Most Points by USA Player in the Olympics….In less than 3QTRs… NY, U MAD?lol
*Team USA with the Most points scored in Olympics history with 156, and most points scored in a half with 78.( They had 100pts with 5 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter.)
*Team USA bettered previous set records by the US with most 3pters scored (26), most field goals scored (59) and field goal % (71)
“Our guys just couldn’t miss.” said Coach Krzyzewski.
“When we get hot, its a big problem,” said Kobe Bryanyt. “So you have all these guys on one team and then all get hot on the same night, it’s tough.”
“It was just one of them nights where as a unit we had it going.” Anthony said. “It could have been anybody out on the court playing against us.”
“When they shoot like this, I dont know if there is any team that can beat them.” said Ike Diogu one of the Nigerians who was excited to play against Team USA. “We were looking forward to this game, playing against the U.S., you know we wanted to show the world what type of team we are. We just came out flat, turned the ball over too many times and they made us pay for it every time.”
Carmelo Anthony with a record day.

Russell Westbrook Super Jam!

#2012NightmareSquad #2012NightmareSquad #2012NightmareSquad #2012NightmareSquad

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